Master of Divinity (Biblical Counseling)

Whether one is studying biblical theology, systematic theology, historical theology, or applied theology–the word of God is our only rule of faith and practice.
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Overview of the Master of Divinity with Specialization in Biblical Counseling at BTS

The Master of Divinity program with a specialization in Biblical Counseling at Birmingham Theological Seminary is a detailed 102-credit hour program tailored for those desiring to blend profound theological understanding with practical counseling skills. This program is particularly suited for individuals aiming for roles in pastoral care, Christian counseling, and spiritual guidance across various ministry settings.

Core Educational Foundation

The program’s core curriculum encompasses:

  • Old and New Testament Studies: Comprehensive exploration of biblical texts to establish a strong scriptural foundation.
  • Systematic Theology: In-depth examination of crucial Christian doctrines, including Christology, Soteriology, and Ecclesiology.
  • Historical Theology: A study of the evolution of Christian thought and church history.
Focused Specialization in Biblical Counseling

The specialization offers:

  • Advanced Counseling Techniques: Courses designed to teach counseling methods and approaches that are biblically based.
  • Family and Individual Counseling: Specialized training tailored to the needs of families, couples, and individuals, from a Christian perspective.
  • Practical Training: A counseling practicum providing hands-on experience under supervision, equipping students for pastoral and counseling roles.
Career Pathways and Opportunities

Graduates of this specialization will be well-prepared for:

  • Pastoral Counseling: Offering spiritual and emotional support within church settings.
  • Church Leadership: Guiding congregations with a focus on biblical counseling.
  • Christian Education: Applying counseling insights in educational and spiritual development contexts.

The Master of Divinity with a specialization in Biblical Counseling is designed to equip students with the skills necessary to offer effective, compassionate counseling informed by a deep understanding of biblical teachings.

Interested in Taking a Course?

As part of a diverse community of learners, you will be taught courses by pastor/professors that are academically excellent, biblically faithful, and ministry-oriented, equipping you for a life of ministry and humble leadership in Christ.