Educational Effectiveness

Educational Effectiveness at BTS

BTS is committed to making theological education accessible to learners everywhere, equipping leaders for Christ’s church, who are faithful to the Word of God. That is the BTS mission. The following data provides information about the success of our students

Student Testimonials:

Dr. Tremaine Davis, BTS Graduate (MABC and DMin in Biblical Counseling)
Rick Hutchinson, BTS MDiv Graduate
Jeph Guinan, BTS MDiv Graduate

Student Course Evaluations

Every student in every class is asked to rate the course, the professor, and the impact BTS is having on their life, church, and ministry. Click on the link below to see a copy of our professor assessment questionnaire.

In the professor and course evaluations for the 2022-2023 academic year:

  • When students were asked to rate their overall review of the professor as 1) excellent 2) good 3) average 4) fair 5) poor, 94% rated their professor as either excellent or good.
  • When students were asked to rate their overall review of the course as 1) excellent 2) good 3) average 4) fair 5) poor, 93% rated the course as either excellent or good.
  • When students were asked if they planned to take another course at BTS, 95% responded, yes.

Student and Graduate Statistics

  • Of the men who graduated from the Masters of Divinity program in 2021, 2022, and 2023, 83% have been ordained and are faithfully engaged in church ministry, while the remainder are actively engaged in ministry work while seeking a call.
  • Between 2013 and 2023, of the BTS students who graduated with a Masters of Divinity degree, the average time to degree completion was just over 8 years. The longest time to completion was 14 years while the shortest time was 5 years.
  • Of the Masters of Divinity program graduates during 2021, 2022, and 2023, 50% are affiliated with the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA), 33% are affiliated with the Baptist Church, and 17% are affiliated with other Reformed (international) denomination(s).
  • For the 2022-2023 academic year, 73% of our student population are graduate students, 10% are doctoral students, and 17% are certificate students.

Graduation Rates

  • MDIV: 28.5%
  • MA: 9.6%
  • Certificate: 14.3%

Graduation rates were determined by calculating the total number of students enrolled in each degree program, then dividing the number of graduates by the total enrollment for the ten-year period ending 2023. To help ensure faithfulness to the doctrinal standards and mission of BTS, each faculty member must annually reaffirm one of the following historic creeds of faith:

  • Philadelphia Confession
  • Westminster Confession
  • London Confession of 1689
  • Heidelberg Catechism

To promote continuous improvement of our academic programs, the BTS academic leadership team annually reviews and shares student feedback with faculty, evaluates course syllabi and outcomes effectiveness, and reassesses programs curriculum.

Interested in Taking a Course?

As part of a diverse community of learners, you will be taught courses by pastor/professors that are academically excellent, biblically faithful, and ministry-oriented, equipping you for a life of ministry and humble leadership in Christ.