Master of Divinity (Biblical Languages)

Whether one is studying biblical theology, systematic theology, historical theology, or applied theology–the word of God is our only rule of faith and practice.
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Overview of the Biblical Languages Track in Master of Divinity at BTS

The Biblical Languages track in the Master of Divinity program at Birmingham Theological Seminary is a 102-credit hour, academically demanding program dedicated to the study of the original biblical languages. It's tailored for those aspiring to an academic career in biblical studies or seeking a profound understanding of scripture in its original context.

Program Relevance and Ordination Compatibility

This degree incorporates the essential elements of ordination requirements in the Presbyterian Church in America (P.C.A.) and is suitable for ordination in most evangelical denominations.

Core Curriculum and Advanced Studies

The core curriculum includes:

  • M.Div. Core: Comprehensive classes in Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology, Historical Theology, and Pastoral Studies.
  • Advanced Language Studies: Intensive study in Greek and Hebrew, with options for Latin, German, and Aramaic.
  • Exegetical Skills: Focused training in interpreting biblical texts, emphasizing textual criticism.
Specialization in Biblical Languages

The specialization involves:

  • Language Mastery: Courses aimed at deepening the understanding of biblical languages for precise interpretation and translation.
  • Thesis Project: A significant research project in a chosen language, culminating in a detailed thesis and an oral defense.
Career Pathways and Opportunities

This specialization is ideal for careers in:

  • Academia: For those aiming to contribute to biblical scholarship.
  • Biblical Translation: Providing the skills necessary for accurate translation of biblical texts.
  • Advanced Pastoral Studies: Equipping pastors with an in-depth understanding of biblical texts.

The Biblical Languages track is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for a deep engagement with biblical texts, enhancing their ability to contribute significantly to their chosen fields.

Interested in Taking a Course?

As part of a diverse community of learners, you will be taught courses by pastor/professors that are academically excellent, biblically faithful, and ministry-oriented, equipping you for a life of ministry and humble leadership in Christ.