Master of Arts in Christian Education

Whether one is studying biblical theology, systematic theology, historical theology, or applied theology–the word of God is our only rule of faith and practice.
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Overview of the Master of Arts in Christian Education at BTS

The Master of Arts in Christian Education at Birmingham Theological Seminary is an extensive program designed for those seeking to excel in Christian education and teaching roles within the church. This program blends in-depth biblical studies with practical educational methodologies, focusing on cultivating educators who are profoundly grounded in Christian theology.

Comprehensive Program Overview

The program offers:

  • In-depth Biblical Studies: Thorough exploration of both the Old and New Testaments.
  • Systematic Theology: Insightful courses on foundational Christian doctrines.
  • Historical Theology: Providing historical insights into biblical teachings.
  • Practical Theology and Biblical Counseling: For practical application in ministry settings.
  • Christian Education Specialization: Focusing on educational philosophy, curriculum development, and instructional strategies.
Key Features of the Specialization
  • Total Credit Hours: 64 credit hours encompassing theological, biblical, and educational training.
  • Foundational Courses: Including Christian Philosophy of Education, Conflict Resolution, and Counseling.
  • Specialized Training: Classes in Curriculum Development, Epistemology and Pedagogy, and Technology and Instructional Strategies.
  • Flexible Electives: Options to tailor the program with subjects like History, Biblical Studies, Public Theology, Philosophy, and Systematic Theology.
Ideal Candidates for the Program
  • Aspiring Christian Educators: Those targeting roles in Christian education within churches or educational institutions.
  • Educators Integrating Faith and Teaching: Professionals seeking to infuse biblical principles into their teaching practices.
  • Church Leaders and Teachers: Individuals looking to enhance their skills in Christian education within a church context.

The Master of Arts in Christian Education program at BTS is committed to equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge for effective Christian education, preparing them to shape both minds and hearts in accordance with biblical truths.

Interested in Taking a Course?

As part of a diverse community of learners, you will be taught courses by pastor/professors that are academically excellent, biblically faithful, and ministry-oriented, equipping you for a life of ministry and humble leadership in Christ.